Hobbico Data Logger Review

Review of the Hobbico Data Logger by John Hicks of Hobby Park Radio Control Aircraft Club

For years I have been interested in knowing some specific data that our RC model aircraft produce, namely, how high?….and how fast? There are several companies that make telemetry products that can get us this data but are restricted to typically being installed in only one aircraft. Well, I have several aircraft, so outfitting each of them with telemetry devices wasn’t fiscally possible.
Then along comes the Hobbico Big 5 Data Logger. Only 41 grams in weight and small enough (65mm x 39.6mm x 20.8 mm) to fit in nearly every aircraft that I have. One little piece of Velcro will hold in place, power it up, acquire a satellite signal, press the record button and away we go! Once the aircraft returns to the ground, one can easily push the mode button on the GPS logger to learn current speed, peak speed, average speed, current altitude, peak altitude, trip length and GPS coordinates.
This device can be hooked up to your home computer and each flight can be logged onto Google Earth. For $89.95, this is by far the best RC accessory that have ever owned!